I think my uncle is cheating?

My uncle got married a few months ago, but I find that he still has an account on badoo (which is kinda like a dating site ) and on his pic It says '5 days ago'
Does that mean he was online 5 days ago?


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  • There is a chance he is cheating, don't listen to the underage idiot.


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  • What is the world coming to? A website now determines if a man is cheating or not. My little brother whose 8 has a Badoo account... doesn't mean nothing.

    • Of course it does. Why would someone who is taken need to be on a site like that. Do you even know what badoo is. Its a fucking dating site. So why the hell is your overly under aged brother doing on there?

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    • It's not all about dating... People go there to get their pictures rated and it also has messaging.

    • Erm, yeah you are messaging random people NOT friends. Its usually aimed at singles who are looking to meet other SINGLES.
      Who would want their damn pic rated unless your some juvenile weirdo full of insecurities.

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  • If he has a profile, look at his relationship stats... I have seen men on there, for I too have a profile, just nosing around, never deleted it, even After marrying a man out in Egypt, that say "Taken" or in "Open relationship" and for some unknown reason are Here. And if you approach him, it could turn into an embarrassing moment, red face and all.
    In in essence, yes, it would be considered 'Cheating.' However, it's best to stay out of it, let it go for now, for somehow he may slip up and his newlywed bride will catch Him------Red handed.
    Good luck. xx

    • He has no relationship status listed.
      But he's known to have cheated in his past =/

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    • Don't listen to her. Tell her.

    • Who?

  • Yeah, he was on 5 days ago.