Where did you meet your spouse?

And how did it all happen?


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  • I met my fiance at work. We also went to the same college but didn't have any classes together. We never really talked till I needed a place to stay over winter break because the snow was too dangerous to drive the 45 miles home and one of his roommates just moved out so there was a spare room for me to stay in. A few nights later was NYE so he invited me to stay the night again/join the party he was throwing. It was just a small get together and he asked me to be his New Year's kiss. We've been together ever since.


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  • In the future... Stay away from my DeLorean...


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  • I met my boyfriend in high school. I was a junior and he was a grade below me. We lost touch for a while after he graduated but we regained contact when we were 20. We dated for the first time when we were 21 and broke up shortly after because he wasn't ready for commitment, then we got back together about 7 months later and now we're serious.