Do career women today really want to get married or they prefer children using IVF, raising on their own?

Although this question for all women, but is targeted towards the fiercely independent and competitive women who have a strong opinion that they don't want to get married/ have a partner because they feel that the marriage will put an end to a career they have been building.

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  • I have heard that women can't do both family and career and if it is like this I choose career. That's why it's not one of my goals to find a good partner, but if I know someone who is compatible, I wouldn't say no. But my goal areonly career oriented and everything I do is about it.
    This is like asking asking: Do you like working alone or with a group? If I think that the group is slowing me down, I like working alone. One thing that I know is that I would never marry a man who is less successful than me, those relationships simply don't function. I need someone who I adore I want to learn from him, to become like him, otherwise I start criticising him, hurt his ego, and the reltionship would fall apart.
    I like to have a child (two are a lot for me), but in my own way. I wouldn't be a typical nurturing mum, but I would offer the child a sense of belonging and make him/her feel special. Idon't like to change napkins, I only like to learn things to the child to be ready and prepared for everything. Make them introduce their friends, make sure they are not a loser, help the child to do homework, motivate them and make sure they are happy. However, I don't think that I would want a child without a husband.
    So, to sum it up, if I found someone who was compatible with me and helped me insted of slowing me down, I would get married. But never only because of lonileness.

    • When u say men more successful than yourself, are u trying to create a competitive environment in the house?

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  • I used to feel that way but my fiancĂ© is super supportive of my career goals and with me wanting a family too that I'm sure I can accomplish both with him.

  • That's a stereotype

  • I want a family but a girl's fertility years are so short and also the time where she's climbing the career ladder. You can't have it all

    • Well there are men who support career women. Would you reconsider the option of having family if you find someone who supports your principles and career.

  • Super career minded people usually don't do a lot of hands-on child rearing by nature. Competitive, driven people are often lacking some of the traits that make relationships thrive. Male and female.

    Other women simply have careers because they want to be self sufficient and not risk poverty and desperation of the guy they choose decides to leave them, gets seriously ill or dies

  • Raising kids is more distracting than marriage, so most of them will end up without children and marriage (like me)

    • Well it can get very lonely without a family as you grow.

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    • Those are tough to find.

    • hard to find, but not impossible. :)

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