I forgot to bring you a gift. Lets get married?

So a boy that I know forgot to bring a gift to his girlfriends 18th birthday and proposed instead! xD xD xD They are getting married now. How batshit crazy is that? hahahhah


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  • It is quite a sweet gesture, its creative but not too corny, I'm assuming she said "yes".

    • They are both 18. It's sad if they get a divorce :(

    • That is extremely young to get married, I wouldn't mind getting married soon if I met the right person. Statistically speaking the younger you get married, the greater the likelihood of divorce but lets not forget everyone is different when it comes to these things.

      Hopefully they don't join the statistics.

  • My mom got married at 18 and is still married to my father. I'm sure there is more to it then that, hopefully they really love eachother than it will last!

    • They do love each other :3 But people don't get married here until they're like 40 :) I'm there age and I feel like a baby hihi not ready to get married

    • Some people are ready quicker. Honestly if I would of met the right girl I would of got married early. I haven't find the right one yet, I'm shy and had to work on some self issues when I was that age. Kibd of doing my own thing now.

  • It's crazy for him to do that but than he proposed to her i just hope they remain married

  • They are 18. I wish them a happy married life but deep down I am dead sure that they have no clue as to what they have signed up for.

  • Well she said yes so she obviously wanted to, perhaps for reasons other than ones you are aware of. It's their relationship, not yours.

    • lol no that's it

    • What do you mean "that's it"? A relationship can be complicated with lots of feelings involved. You wouldn't be aware of most of these because you aren't in their relationship.

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  • Yeah that's crazy. Where are you from?

  • Who cares..

    • Lol I was just asking if people thought it was as crazy as I thought it was :D You don't have to be bitchy about it :3

    • K.. [filler]