A question for people married or engaged what is it like being married to your significant other?

Me and my boyfriend have talked about getting married and wedding plans im in no rush to get married i rather be engaged and married at 30. I was wondering what is it like are you happy with being married or engaged how did you tell your parents and what it is like living with your significant other


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  • It's pretty awesome. I could not have asked for anyone better in my life. We have our ups and downs, but we always push through, and in the grand scheme of things we are good together. My parents were really happy to hear that we're getting married. I think they love him more than I do, lol. :)

    • i love this awwee im happy for you :)


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  • I lived with my husband for 3 and a half years before we married. It's a great feeling if it's meant to be. Even when we went through "newlywed fights". We still made sure to make up before going to sleep or leaving one another (to go to work or something). It's really all about how you see and treat each other.

    • omg u are amazing i really hope i end up having a marriage like yours truly inspirational :)

  • Its no different really... the only change was a last name. I'm beyond happy that I'm married to my husband! He's an amazing man I couldn't ask for anyone better! When we told our folks they was all really happy! My momma and daddy love my husband and think the world of him! :)