When to expect a Proposal?

hey lovelys :)
I've been with my boyfriend for quite a few years, the marriage conversation has been had between us and we both know we want to get married to each other one day.
about what age are guys most likely to propose? a lot of mates around us are getting engaged etc.
as a girl I really want to be married by 27 years old.

im not pushing for a proposal, as it will happen when it happens :) just wondering and want to hear your opinions/stories :) thank you!


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  • Honestly, it's hard to say. There is no definite timeline for this to happen, it just sort of happens. Some guys are ready in a matter or months, whereas it takes some guys almost a decade to propose.

    I think it basically comes down to when the guy is ready, he will propose. You can't do anything to speed this process up; It's got to happen organically.

    Try to be patient. It's good that you two have had the talk, that makes it clear to him what you want.


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  • age has nothing to do with this but I have heard men don't settle down until they get into there 30's

  • Whenever he's ready!!! Lol
    I hate commitment, so I won't be doing that for a long time !! At least I must be 100 sure about the girl !!! In general marriage is a big commitment and guys don't like that!!! Lol


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  • Once they reach a comfortable position w. r. t finances and/or career.