How can you tell someone is "the one?"?

Other than "you just know," how can you tell that the person you're with is the one you're going to marry and be with forever? Can anyone who is married give feedback? Engaged folks? Men planning to propose? How do you know?


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  • Hard to tell without saying "you just know", because it's true that you know. That doesn't mean that, when you're planning on getting married, you might have some doubts or feel a little scared (it's a big thing!)

    I guess some of the things might be (apart from being in love, of course)
    - You can be yourself with that person.
    - You imagine spending the rest of your lives together
    - You trust him/her for everything, and he/she does too
    - You care about him/her and he/she cares about you, and takes good care of you
    - You share views on important things that you'll have to decide together: whether having kids or not, where to live, financial decisions, etc.


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  • make him feel it, by your smiles your talks nd your care :)


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  • You can picture yourself growing old with them, and loving every minute of it.

    You enjoy doing things for them, just to see them smile.

    You can't wait to share the good news, the bad news, and even the "blah" news with them, because no matter what, you just know they'll always understand.

  • I know because I had waited 3 years for him, we were friends during that time. And now, I can't envision my life with anybody else, when I think of the future, he is the one I see married too and as the father of my children. My heart just melts every moment I spend with him and when I am away, I miss him incredibly. He brings out the happy side of me which I had rarely seen before he came into my life. The meer thought of losing him makes me break down into an uncontrollable fit of tears.