What would you say about a Christian women marrying a Muslim man?

I'm no where near to the age of marriage but i am currently in a relationship with a Muslim man and i my self is a Christian. we have a great connection and are very committed to each other. as girls usually do think about their future a lot earlier then men. i was wondering if in the future he potential proposed to me what would happen, what would it be like. i don't like two religions clashing but I don't know helpppp please. what are your thoughts on this. marriage-christian women and Muslim man


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  • im a muslim and it depends on soooo many different things

    a muslim man can marry a christian woman its allowed and all
    my friend actually has that (a christian mom and a muslim dad) and they are very happy and close to each other its too cute lol and i know of other people like that
    but i also heard of some horrible stories... so i guess it depends on the person... same as any other relationship lol

    i think now its a matter of "will the relationship work?" not a matter of "will religions clash?"


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  • Hmm, well, I'm not one to judge, interfaith marriages can work, but you really need to look at worst case scenarios and ask yourself if you could live with that scenario.

    Specifically regarding your question, check this out:


    Just something to think about.

  • I would say nothing. no opinion. if its what they want then it doesn't matter, my opinion is irrelevant hahaa.

  • I would say that a Christian woman who marries a muslim man is no christian at all. If you actually believe in Christianity, you wouldn't date a muslim.

  • either you are ignorent of how Islam treats women or you do know and are dumb for wanting to go through anyway but thats you're funeral. im fellow Christian and I see all my Brothers and Sisters of the faith as Brothers and Sisters it would be bad if you married him unless he left Islam because if you end up Honor killed or sold into sex slavery it will give me another reason to hate Islam more. not muslims but islam.

  • Don't do that. It's against your religion, unless you're not truly Christian. What ethnicity are you?

    • im jamaican, his parents are from afirca but he was born in saudi arabia and considers him self black. but a muslim. I'm also just thinking about. we literally just started dating. like who knows if we'll even be together in the future. its just a thought. id still like ur opinion though

    • Anyway it's all up to you hahaha

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  • That's your business, not mine. Cultures can clash but I have a knack for the classic saying, "all you need is love".

  • I see it all the time so I don't care.

  • I'd marry him..