Would I be a bad friend for getting married 2-4 months before my best friend does?

My partner and I have been talking about marriage. And I think we would like to do it anywhere from October- December 2015. Mainly because I want to try for baby #2 in December and I would rather not be in the early stages of pregnancy for my wedding. Well, I just found it that my bff has set a date for Feb2016. I know she is envious that I already have a baby and she doesn't, so I don't want to make matters worse by getting married fist as well, but I really want to get pregnant in decmber ( so my baby can be born around my birthday) so I'm kind of, limited to those three months. Should I wait till she gets married, or just go for it?

  • wait till after she gets married
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  • get married before she does, if you really want too.
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  • No you wouldn't. Two of my friends had theirs 1 week apart from eachother. And the groom of the second was a groomsman. It worked out


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  • She doesn't sound like much of a friend if y'all bicker over stupid shit like this.

    Shouldn't both of you be happy for each other that you're getting married/in love?

    • I'm really happy for her! That's why I a concerned bout getting married before she does. I couldn't control the fact that he got upset about me being pregnant, but I can control my wedding nd when that will happen

    • You only get one wedding (in an ideal world) and you already have a child to take care of and try to raise in a loving home. Go ahead and do it whenever you feel is necessary and eventually your friend will understand. Time heals all wounds.

    • Thanks. I ddon't want to hurther ffeelings, but I can't put my life, hold for her

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  • Are you serious? This is your life and you should not put it on hold for someone else especially an envious friend. You cant' ruin someone else moment if they will eventually have their own moment. Just be happy for each other. Get married when you want to that is you and your boyfriend's decision as a couple. That would not make you a bad friend nobody should be in a race to the alter. If anything it would make her a bad friend that she is envious about you having a precious child and possibly getting married before her. If she can't be happy for you and focus on her own wedding then that is a personal problem and she needs to deal with those issues.

    • I am serious. I was j just worried because my date isn't set In stone at this point, and hers is. I feared that she would be upset that I "had to do everything first"

    • I think that is childish if she feels that way

  • If thats what you want to do, you do it. Dont worry about her if she's envious of you. If you're in love, that has to do with you and your partner, your friend can stay out.

  • as long as you dont steal any of her ideas or colours or anything i dont see the problem but talk to her

    • Thankfully we have very different styles.

  • Talk to her about it and see what she thinks. Thats what I'd do.

  • She should

    • Be happy for you.

    • Well I an ideal world she would be, but sadly that is my the case. W want to a friend wrong when I was 6 m, this pregnant, and she got drunk and told me that I shouldn't be having a baby because it should be her having a baby. So I know it would upset her if hot married first, but I don't want my kids to be 4+ years apart.