When women cheat on their husbands they are probably feeling emotionally neglected more than anything else?

I've heard people say that when a woman finds a new man when she is still married she probably was feeling emotionally neglected by her husband.

My ex was divorced his wife found a new man. He blames her but in a few months i saw that he was extremely selfish both in bed and as a person. He always liked to talk about himself and I felt like he was extremely self absorbed. He also was very unreliable. He was all talk and very little action. I can see how being married to him must be hell. That's why I broke up with him. His ex is still with the new man two years later.


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  • If you're being emotionally neglected, say it to your husband and if it doesn't imorove even when you tell him how you feel and how bad you're situation is, leave. Cheating is wrong though, there's no excuse.

    Would you be ok with a guy cheating because he's not getting enough sex? If you're needs aren't being met, discuss it with your spouse before looking somewhere else.


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  • That may well be, but cheating is still cheating regardless, the women could have chosen to leave him instead of cheating.

    There is no valid excuse for cheating, EVER.

    • I agree but she divorced him. I honestly don't know if she was truly together with Her new man until they separated.

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  • i was watching this episode of divorce court that had the wife who suspected her workaholic hubby of cheating. he would work 11-13 hrs a day on multiple businesses and had texts and female friends in his phone. he would tell them to send him naked pics but the wife complained that he never complimented her or made her feel beautiful. she said she didn't know whether he was cheating or just flirting but she gets more attention from guys in grocery stores than she does her husband.

    when I watched that I thought to myself I would at least consider cheating if I was in her shoes.