Am I stupid, blindly in love, or in denial? Should I stay or leave?

First off I want to say don't read this unless your going to give me the cold, hard, honest truth. Okay when me and my fiancée first dated 2 years ago during the first 3 months of our relationship she cheated on me 3 times with her ex and her reason was because I work all the time. I let that sh*t go after about 2 months of insecurities . We went on to live like a normal couple and got engaged on Valentines day. Then 3 months ago I lost my job. When I was unemployed she was everything but a support system. I got a job and I work from 2pm-2am. Its hard work but its good money. I got my first full paycheck yesterday so I decided get her presents. I call her to come over and she is drunk and she has on her ex's with promise ring, I check her email and she wrote him a highly descriptive letter missing him. Not all this sh*t. I wasn't even mad though but she was p*ssed..WHY? She was trying to give me the guilt trip and I laughed. I couldn't even cry. it was a new feeling but it felt good...WHY?

When I laughed about the situation it was almost like I just started to realize how much I don't listen to my friends. I laughed because I didn't understand what it is about her that just wouldn't give me the drive to leave her and move on. I also laughe


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  • Wow, you like being treated this way I guess. Weirdly enough, you enjoy the pain.

    It's so obvious that you have to leave! Get some help for yourself.

    She's treating you like trash, like you don't worth anything! She can just walk all over you. She doesn't respect you man. Let her be with her ex. Leave, so she can change to be a better person OR not. She was mad because she thinks she can act whatever and you still will lick her ass.


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  • Wow. Why are you with her? seriously, she is with you for all the wrong reasons! she is playing games, is that what you want? you don't have time for games, and she sounds a bit immature. Break up with her asap. she isn't worth it.


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  • She wants to see you get mad, and take charge.

    Sometimes girls need that reassurance.

    But truth be told, you should break up with her. She's not going to change, she's going to keep reverting back to old habits sooner or later.

  • I am guessing it is a relief feeling that feels good. You know the two of you are done. Done like a dinner and her last antic was just a confirmation that you were right all along.

    • Sooo true bro...thats exactly what it felt like...but I just can't bring myself to dump her