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I was just hanging out with a guy that I have been dating for 4 months and he asked a random question that really caught me off guard. Hoping to get some perspective on this. We have only been officially in a relationship for a little over a month, so we haven't had any of those serious conversations that usually happen after you have been dating for a while. He did say he was falling for me, but we haven't said the I love you's etc.. We were at his apartment just watching TV or something and he asked me if a guy has ever asked me to marry him. It was just so weird, I didn't know how to react. Obviously, I am not going to bring this topic up again to him, but I am curious to see what girls/guys think about this. Do you think it was just a random question? I just thought it was kind of a heavy topic, maybe I am wrong...


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  • Have you considered that he's maybe a little insecure? He may want to know what other men are out there that have been in a relationship with you as this drives men crazy.

    Or he may be fishing to find out if you've been around the block or whether you have some commitment issues yourself.

    The only sure way to win this conversation is to be honest - which can include telling him that you have a past - but you prefer to live in the present and look forward to the future. Men who have to know everything about you past live seem to be immature and jealous. As can women...

    • If he was immature or insecure he would have shown those traits way earlier in the relationship and probably would have asked some of those questions when they first started dating. Now that you mentioned it he could very well think she has commitment issues and is trying to get an answer before to long so he can decide if he wants to go further in the relationship


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  • I honestly don't think it was a random question. I don't know a whole lot of guys who ask that type of question out of the blue like he did. He did tell you that he was falling for you so in the back of his mind he might think that your the one and could have asked the question to see if you ever broke a guy's heart before. I was just at a wedding where the guy said after the second date he knew she was the one. Another thing is if a lot of his friends are married he might feel like its time to settle down as well. Most of my friends are married and it sucks since I don't see them as often as I used to.


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  • sounds to me it was just a random question.