Attn: Married guys (and other guys, too I guess)

How old were you or when did you realize you wanted to get married? Did it only happen once you found Mrs. Right or was it something you concluded before then ?

Single guys, does marriage ever cross your mind even though you really don't want it yet ?


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  • I realized I wanted to get married when I found out that it has tax benefits . :)

    Marriage and kids definitely cross my mind . Did it only happen once I found Mrs . "Always" Right, nope . Marriage and kids is just part of how I see my life unfold in the near future .


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  • I have wanted to get married forever . But I'm a different breed . My parents got married young and had me, and they are still married and love each other very much . I thought by the time I was 22 or 23 I'd be married and have a kid by then .

  • I would get married if I met the right girl . Currently I am single though .


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