Guys: How would you react if your girlfriend proposed to you?

If you have any stories of proposing (girls) or being proposed to (guys), they are welcome!

  • Be thrilled
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  • Bummed out! I wanted to ask her first!
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  • Feel emasculated
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  • I don't have a girlfriend right now, but when I find the one I want to marry, I wanna be the one to ask, but, if she's the one asking, I'll be thrilled, not bummed or emasculated, I will love it. The point is getting married with the girl I want, no matter who asks, the result is gonna be the same.


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What Guys Said 6

  • Girl: will you mind if you have two kids?
    Boy: no.
    Girl: will you mind if your wife don't have any job?
    Boy: no.
    Girl: will you mind if your wife is too demanding (xoxo)?
    Boy: errm.. no
    Girl: will you still love your wife if you find her boring or unattractive?
    Boy: no but why are you asking such questions?
    Gire: because I want to marry you.
    Boy: *piss in the pant, have 5 sec of heart attack & get paralysed* *after 10 seconds* really?
    Girl: *takes his hand and place it on her chest to let him feel her heartbeats* do you think I'm lying?
    Boy: OMG! Yes, I do.
    *then they cuddles*

  • I'd feel normal. Wouldn't mind at all.

  • I'd be fine with it if it happened. I'd probably be proposing first though.

  • I'd be thrilled, however I don't have any plans on getting married.

  • Strange but thrilled

  • The proposal is one of the few things that I think should remain a male thing - that's what I think, anyway. When I am ready to marry her, that is the time that I buy the ring and ask her. Which means that if she asked me, I probably wouldn't be ready.

    • But with that being said, I would be thrilled that she'd want to spend the rest of her life with an idiot like me.
      In real life I would probably say that I am not ready yet.

What Girls Said 1

  • Don't you want to know that your guy wanted to take that step with you enough to ask you himself? I mean if this is right for you then go for it, but if you're feeling in a marriage way and he's not asking, why is that?

    • I have no doubt he wants to marry me as well, I just have a really cute proposal in mind. We have already discussed that we will talk it over around our 3rd year anniversary and make an official announcement to friends and family. The wedding though won't be till I get my second degree and a job though (2+ years). But we live together and are ready to take it to the next level so to speak.

      I know my family and most of his expects it basically any day now. The only "objector" is his older sister who thinks we are a bit young. But she is in her 30s and is scared of commitment so I think she is projecting that on us a bit.

    • Well shit girl, go for it then. You know him best, since you've discussed it in depth and are approaching the mile marker you set, do YOU think he'll feel emasculated? It's definitely not for me, but sounds like it is for you

    • We are going to wait till our 3rd year (May). I figure I want to survive the holiday season without too much craziness that I am sure will follow. We also have to discuss whether we want to keep our current place or if we want to move at the end of our lease (June). I'm made my intentions clear and he's a bit scared that something could go wrong (we both have a touch of worse case scenario) so this gives him time to process things, and maybe come up with something on his own?