How would you ask me to marry you? Whats the setting? What would you say?

Imagine you and me are in love, and you want to marry me.
What would you say to say? What would be the setting?

(Dont worry its just for fun, im not out choosing my wedding dress or organising your suit fitting)

Woops! * what would you say to me * not say say lol


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  • I would take you to the place you've always wanted to go or your favourite place in the world (like Paris or Milan) for a weeks holiday. For 5 and a half days, we would do everything you've ever wanted. We'd see all the sights and live all the experiences you've wanted to do. Every night, we'd cuddle and talk about the future until we fell asleep. Every morning I'd give you brealfast in bed. I'd massage you whenever and however you wanted.

    Halfway through the 2nd last day, I'd take you to dinner, just us. I'd tell you how much I loved you, how much I cared for you and all the reasons why I never wanted to be apart from you. Then I'd tell you all the reasons why I could make you happy forever and why I'd love you for the rest of my life. After the dinner we'd go back to our room where I'd have set up a camera to record the whole thing. Before we went in, I'd stop you, kiss you and say I love you one more time. I'd open the door for you. You'd go in and see 'Will you marry me' spelt out in candles or lights. You'd turn around and see me on one knee.

    The last day again we'd do whatever you wanted while planning our future together and then go back to tell everyone.

    • Assuming you said yes. XD

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    • 0_o

      Are you a social butterfly who works in Customer Service?

    • Message the girl you think it is! Say, " whats your name" if its correct she will reply, " mrs, riverock" lol

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  • I would get on my knees and say to you, Anonymous, we have known each other for a few seconds rather they were good or bad seconds the past is the past. I want to ask you right here right now in front of all our fellow GAG'ers, Anonymous, will you marry me and be my wife?

    • Hahahaha Yes i certainly will! We may be divorced the followig day , coz we dont know each other, but its worth a try!

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    • Hahaha brilliant idea! I will search google for that offer , make sure we get the free one though!

    • Irr indeed I will make it most thrifty Lassie!

  • We'd go to a really nice dinner at Olive Garden or something, have a great time, and then we'd go home, where I would show you my extremely epic and elaborate Minecraft proposal, and it would go from there. The ace in the hole here is that you would have already eaten Olive Garden breadsticks by this point, so you'd be in a euphoric state where it would be near impossible to say no.

    • Haha well i think i will say... yes! I love minecraft lol

    • Yesssss <3 Minecraft is the foundation for a lovely marriage, I believe

    • Yes i think so too! We could have the night time party and make it minecraft fancy dress,

  • I would just ask you, "Would you marry me?" I would ask you anywhere and I won't do a proposal, just ask you out of the blue and any setting is fine.

    • Okay thank you! You are right any setting is fitting if two people love each other!

    • I agree whole-heartedly! :)

  • It depends on our relationship. It would be very meaningful.

    • well we are in love! And love having fun together as well as romantic times

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    • Um.. I thought this was just for fun. If you are serious, then we need to meet to confirm we are right for each other.

    • Haha course we are right for each other, you can't withdraw your proposal now haha

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  • I would take you to Bora Bora and propose on the beach. I would set up a private dinner on the sand with all your favorite desserts and food.
    I would have a letter written (so you can keep it forever and to remember the moment) but I would memorize everything and tell you all of my favorite moments that I had with you and all the ways you make my life better

    • Awwe that is perfect, and I would say " yes" lol
      How romantic and loving all that is! Thank you for that!

      ( im off to buy my white dress lol)

  • I'd say..."baby, it would mean the world to me... if we could have the option to file jointly on our taxes for the rest of our lives. And maybe even make a few dependents for deductions. Will you... be my cosigner on everything? For the rest of our lives?"

  • Of you were a guy

    The setting would be at a fancy restaurant, and u would tell you I love you and bring out the ring.