What shoud I say to my best friend?

my best friends parents are divorcing. my best friend is destroyed and the worst thing i dont know what to say to her. i tell her to go out with me but the only thing she wants to do is stay at her room alone. can you guys help me?


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  • It is not easy to see your parents split up after many years of marriage, lulublack... she is probably so distraught and brokenhearted inside that Nothing you could say or even offer her right now would make one bit of difference. She simply wants to deal with this in her own Family Affair Way with her parents and perhaps try and piece together just what went wrong and if she can do anything 24/7 to make them change their minds and have a change of heart before they fall apart, her life included with them... and of course, staying 'At her room alone' to think and to sulk and to mope because she doesn't feel like being with anyone right now.
    Patience is a virtue so Be patient at this point in time here, dear. If you really care about her, be the kind of friend till the end who is understanding and sympathetic. Offer her a kind word, even if it is a text, let her know you are there for her at any time of day or nite to talk or share a shoulder to cry on or an ear to hear. Allow her to come to you when she feels she wants to and can. For now, she has a big world in which she feels she must deal with and it's not going to be easy for her but knowing she has you for her bud will be a comfort to know you are just a stone's throw away.. be ready to be her rock of Gibraltar if she needs you.
    Good luck... Blessing for you and your friend and her family for 2015. xx


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  • Actually there's nothing you can say that will make her feel better. Just give her time and be there for her.

  • Leave her alone, give her time. When she feels pk she will come to you. After that just stay with her and support her.


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