People who married or want to marry young. Did you get married young bc you were worried you wouldn't be able to marry as hot when older?

Hot as in your own hotness and your partners hotness.

Did / does that factor into your decison.

Hmm Intersting. I just realized I think of marriage as a later in life sort of end stage. Not starting life together stage. That's probably not typical. Sounds a bit odd.


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  • if people got married young for that specific reason then holy shit lol. im sure it factors in though but i strongly think it shouldn't even be close to a considerable factor.


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  • That has never crossed my mind. I want to marry young because I'm young now and I have known who I want to spend my life with for 8 years now. I want to start our lives together. Our attraction levels never even entered the thought process.

  • I got engaged at 19. We're gonna be married soon.
    I wasn't expecting it, I guess it just felt right.