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  • funny video... but it didn't teach anything I didn't already know.

    • Oh, well aren't you a smart sloth!

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    • Yes, I think you are right on that.


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  • I think it should only be solid bands on the wedding day... They say insecure guys go for the huge diamonds... By they I mean my circle lol

    • That seems more reasonable. I think its hilarious how much money people blow on rings that are unessesary and apparently worthless. lol

    • Lol I'm not sure they are actually worthless anymore than anything else.. I mean nothing would have worth if it weren't held by some and charges to others...

    • True but their value is really inflated.

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  • First of all I want to say I love College Humor. Some of their videos are lame, but some are really funny.

    Yeah it's ridiculous. I ain't buying shit. If I ask her to marry me and she says yes then that's it. No down on one knee stuff. No ring before the ring stuff. Nah. Hell should we get a ring for dating too? Maybe a ring for crushing on each other? LOL

    Then again I might end up like this guy:


    • Yeah their videos are usually either really funny or just awful, no inbetween.

      I know right, it's bullshit but most girls will still want that rock as a "symbol of love".

      Maybe you will end up like him. Maybe you'll remember this conversation as you're leaving the jewelry store with the ring lol

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    • Well i posted the question under the mairage and weddings category. Maybe there's not a lot of people who follow it :/

    • I usually don't even look at the topics. I just go by the question and who asked it.


    I actually knew all that information EXCEPT for the date of the ad campaign, but I fucking love it. I just fucking love it.

    I made my mind up long ago after watching Blood Diamond to never buy a diamond and only cubic ziconia (if that).

    Hilarious to me.

  • Not all girls care and depending from what culture your from its different in Iraq most women expect you to get them a gold ring when you marry them. Not all girls care if you buy them a diamond ring for when you marry them.

  • I saw this a long time ago, I feel like I would rather make a ring or something like that.

    • Hmm that's an interesting idea. What would you make it out of?

    • Personally I like the finished wood look, maybe wooden inside and steel or some metal on the outside.

    • That's actually a pretty good idea, you could also en grave it yourself and personalize it more. It would have more sentimental value too