Why happy married man still cheat?

This guy I know is happy and marry with he's so called wife and they been together for years but he's always cheating on her when she's not around everywhere he goes he stars talking to other girls and tries to get them to sleep with him why is he doing that when he always says he's marry and he won't leave her because he loves her.


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  • Men who are happy, satisfied, and in love with their wives do not cheat.

    • So why can he be honest for once and tell her but he says he won't leave her and he wants to do wherever he wants and he's always talking to a different girl and sleeping with one and she's so clueless and he drives me nuts because he makes her believe he's in love when I know he's just selfish

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    • I wasn't saying he wasn't guilty or it's okay for him to do that and not telling his wife about it. I was trying to tell the asker what might be his consideration. Her main question was why he has been cheating on his wife. I was providing her some other point of view.

    • And obviously I don't know this guy, but I know someone that has the similar problem, so I was telling her what I know


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  • He sounds like a habitual cheater who has a high need either for variety, or for the thrill, or the validation of multiple women wanting him, or likes different types of sex with different types of women.

    So he's not satisfied.

    Which is true of most cheaters. (one off drunken mistakes might be a different category).

    The question is, why isn't he satisfied? Is it because of the state of his marriage? Or because he's not capable being satisfied in a monogamous relationship, period?

    His behavior suggests the latter.

    • Can you believe he try to get my attention by getting me in trouble he saw me cry and look back and laugh at me with that evil smile and now he wants me to talk to him and he's trying to play it nice like before he got me in trouble so much for a 30 + yr old man.

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    • You're not doing a good job of ignoring him. You will have to consistently ignore him for a while. He may still never stop, but he'll try less.

    • He's always trying I just look at him for what he is nothing he's discusting to me but he still won't give up someone said I'm some sort of challenge to him but he's not going to win me over no matter how hard he tries.

  • Boredom, excitment, wanting to feel other vagina s or maybe it's an open marriage


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  • There might be something lacking in their marriage that people can't see. Like my friend, he seems to have a perfect marriage, but apparently he has been cheating in his wife because he doesn't get to have sex with her as much as he wants to. Or maybe that's just the way he is.

    • That's not a valid excuse to cheat and this guy is a whore with all capital letters.

    • Hahaha I see what you mean. We can say that, but we're not the one cheating. He is. Every person has their own reasons behind their actions. And since this guy sounds like this friend I know, I was telling you another point of few that might apply to this person.

    • Thank you :)

  • He is a very skilled actor...:-o

    • He is but I didn't buy it he goes so slow for attention is not even funny.

  • You don't cheat on your spouse when you're happily in love with her.

    • Well he is he claims to be marry and he won't leave her because they been together for too long and she's so blind she has no idea about he's doings but yet he wants to sleep around.

    • If he wants to sleep around he needs to leave his wife. Who cares how long they've been together.

    • He's not a man that's clear.

  • Guys who find the love of their life don't cheat.

    • He claims he loves her and we won't leave her because they been together for too long but yet he wants to sleep with every skirt he can get and talk to every girl he can.

  • Well maybe he is not happy

  • Because he really doesn't love her

    • But why do you care?
      He's not your husband

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    • That's exactly it. Good girls are usually naive. Bad girls are good at sex
      That's why bad boys love all women
      Common sense

    • Oh no I want him to let me go and let me be he's everywhere and he's friend is always bothering me with him like he wants us together but no I do want him to talk to me so I can tell him to go die.

  • He isn't as happy as he seems or else he wouldn't cheat on her.

    • So why won't he just leave her? And stop hurting her it's sad to watch how unfaithful he is to her and she's so blind to see.

    • There could be many reasons why he doesn't leave. There are people who stay in unhappy relationships, be it because there are parts of the relationship they enjoy, be it because they fear to be alone, be it for kids, be it for financial reasons.

    • He doesn't have kids with her and he treats her good but he still manage to cheat wherever he goes.