Did I screw this up? Or did he never really want to to begin with?

This guy asked me to hang out. I said that sounded good. Then a few weeks later he mentioned hanging out on a specific date. I said I wasn't sure because I had some prior engagements. A week or two later, things changed with my engagements and I realized we could hang out. I let him know on Facebook and it's been almost a week now and he hasn't replied. We don't see each other in person a lot so that's why I told him through Facebook. Is he not interested anymore or what?


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  • It's not your fault that you had prior engagements. If he really likes you he will reschedule. Just hang in there.

  • the problem with Facebook is you can't tell whether he's been online unless you chat. try texting him/calling him. he might not have gotten your message.


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