Love you but want someone else?

Hey all =) Thank u for taking time to read this. Okay , there is a guy , who has been telling me
1) " I won't tell the girl I want to marry that I love her unless I'm ready financially. "
2 ) he told me I love you , but he wasn't ready financially.
3 ) "You complete me " "I pray that God gives me someone , who is exactly like you "
4 ) "You are the one I love the most" . "You are the closest person to me "
5) Sometimes when he jokes , he says " will you marry me? "
6 ) asked me to meet him like 3 times , but I rejected for some reasons.
So , this is really confusing me. I don't understand why did he tell me that he loves me if I'm not the one who is going to marry him.. I need your answer , please. No matter how tiny it is , I appreciate it.


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  • Traditional marriage is often arranged throughfamily. There isn't much individual choice involved.

    He may like you more than whomever he plans to marry


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  • He see's you as practice maybe... i dont know