Why Canadians and Americans want to marry young... or they have married young already?

I've noticed most people here who want to marry, or already beig married, young are Canadians and Americans mostly. Why's that?

I never understood the point of somebody marrying young

Do you consinder it as sth that must be done asap?
Do you believe "the younger the bettter" when it comes to have kids as well?
Do you consinder the person who married younger more successful than the person who maried at some older age?

Give me your reasons :-)


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  • I married at 23--I was madly in love and wanted to share his last name, wear his ring, and have his baby. It was a little young, but I don't regret it.

  • i want to wait till i'm older when i get married. It makes me upset that these hormonal teenagers who are like 15-17 are getting engaged and married. And i think we all know its not gonna end well.

  • I'm 27 still not married lol..

  • I Hate marriage. Not ever gonna get married. Lol


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  • Define "young" because the average age in Canada is 30 and the average in America is 28. If someone expects to have healthy children in a financially well-off family, that is the PERFECT age. Not to mention the fact that it's considered older than many other countries.

    • I refer to the years when the kids were young as zombie years - I was part of the walking dead - up at 3 to go to work. Home at 3 to change diapers and cook dinner. And up every few hours between then at 3 changing more diapers and bottle feeding. I can't (won't), can't do that anymore. Just a warning to anyone waiting to have kids - it's difficult to decide when.

    • basically i wonder how the hell do you have this high MHO percent... i've noticed some opinions of yours. you're strict and "tough as nails" most of the times.

    • Yep. I tell people what they need to hear. Not what they would like to hear to protect their fee-fees.

  • I have no plans on getting married anytime soon.

  • I'm not sure where you get your info, but I know very few people under 30 that are married.

    • from here of course

    • @Asker
      I dont know where you got that idea. I think Canada/US and UK are very similar as far as marriage age.