Dress before the ring? Am I nuts?

So I tried on wedding gowns for my bday, fell in love with a one certain dress that was only available until it was to sell due to the shop not carrying the designer anymore.
I slept on it for 2 days and then bought it. My heart just craved that gown! BUT I am not engaged.
Now before u jump to conclusions; I've been in a serious relationship for 3 years, we've talked marriage and have had a son together (on top of raising my 2 girls from a HS relationship I had had).
We live together and are doing just fine, but like I said no ring. Yet the phrases "we are in this till the end no matter what." "U are my hero for giving me a son" "let's just get married babe, make it official." have floated around for months! Even our parents want us married. Lol
So yeah I bought my dream dress... Am I absolutely nuts? Guys, what would u think if u were in my bfs shoes? How do I tell him?
The dress is not meant to push him into getting married asap. I just really felt like this is my dream dress-- I have no regrets!


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  • You're insane, ring first.


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  • Wtf why does the man always have to buy everything?


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  • If you think you'll still fit into the dress in x number of months or years, there's no problem with having it bought now.