How do you know if that guy is the one you will marry?

I heard people say "you'll just know", but I want to know what do y'all felt toward that significant other that made you want to marry them? What is really love? As a teenager I don't know if being in love makes me what to marry this guy or is it just me thinking stupid. I think he has all those qualities I've been looking for all this time


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  • You do not.


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  • You Will Get Hit With Feelings Deep In Your Heart, Deep In Your Soul You Absolutely Cannot Describe.
    You Will Think Of Your True Love Night And Day, Every Moment He Will Consume Your Thoughts.
    Your Heart Will Skip So Many Beats, You Will Lose Your Breath.
    You Will Be Weak In The Knees When You Think Of Him Or When He Is With You.
    If You're Not Feeling These And More, You Have Not Met The One You Will Marry!


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  • You don't. My mom married my dad though she didn't even love him. Now? They're inseparable. Choose carefully girl, like a saying in my country, "Marriage is a gambling"