i saw this thing about this egyptian dude who faked an ISIS kidnapping at his wedding and his wife loved it... :D and it got me thinking about the best wedding pranks to try. i was thinking of renting kojo and faking a dinosaur attack right after i kiss the bride then having the ringbearer hand me a fake gun and i'll be like, stand behind me! i'll protect you! and then i fire some shots and some blood squibs go off


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  • An Isis kidnapping? That's fucked, even by my standards (look at my name).

    Ever seen Jackass: Bad Grandpa? They pranked an actual wedding, but the groom and bride were associated with Jackass somehow so they knew about it. But that was pretty good. The "grandpa" guy knocked down a bunch of stacked drinks, like a lot, and I think he stumbled onto the cake too.

    • it was all in good fun. in egypt they think comedy is the best weapon to fight isis. they locked the bride and groom up in a cage and there was a great quote... "this cage, we are dancing in it". not just a prank but to show them they're not afraid and they can make fun of them

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  • That'd be pretty awesome. Just don't ruin her plans if she wants a perfect certain kind of wedding

  • Whoopie cushion on my bride.

  • Show that isis thing to your wife see if she likes the idea. if she does you can go ahead with your plan or else it would be... weird? I don't know.. depends

    • lmao no one is expecting to get attacked by a dinosaur right after they get married. it will be hilarious

    • Lol I know haha. But it would be only fun if your wife enjoys pranks etc. if she does not it might make her sad because 'you ruined her perfect wedding' :p that's why just make sure dude or else it would be a disaster