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how do i know if my bolyfriend really wants to get married to me? He says he does but he hasn't purposed yet he did give me a ring but didn't purpose.. what should i do?


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  • How old is he? My parents (and his) allowed him to ask me to marry him and get engaged when I was 17, waiting until after I turn 18 to be married at the soonest. In our case I've known him since I was 5 and he was 6, we have been best buddies since then and still are. I realized I loved him shortly before I turned 16, I talked to my Mom I told her I was totally in love with him, she just told me she knew that and that he loved me too. But, you can't dat until you're 16, we went on our first date a couple days after my 16th birthday and were engaged a year and a half later.
    You need to sit down with him, ask him what his intentions are. What is his timeframe, when? Is he just using this to soften you up for sex? If he really wants to marry you he will come right out and ask, he will ask your Dad for his permission to give your hand in marriage. (I'm old fashioned, my fiancé did ask my Daddy if he could ask me to marry him.) He just needs to tell you outright what his intentions are, he needs to include both sets of parents, because of your ages. (I'm glad I did. We will be married this July.)


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  • "how do i know if my bolyfriend really wants to get married to me?"
    he proposes to you.

    " what should i do? "
    tell him to propose or you break up.

  • I guess you should wait! He already gave you a ring. So, thats mean he wants you.