What is marriage like?

My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to marry him, and I said yes! We're getting married in December. On the day he started his YouTube channel nine years later, lol. I'm scared though.


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  • It really all depends on if you married the right person on how your experience is. But in every marriage there will be ups and downs, there will be arguments, I don't care how good your communication skills are or if you rarely fight now, you will have arguments, and for the most part its okay. As long as you handle the arguments in a mature manner and work them out. Marriage requires you to grow up a little, mature more. There will be compromises, just make sure you're not the only one who ever compromises.

    My husband and I have only been married 10 months, just under a year, so I can't tell you everything about marriage, but I can tell you this, if you found the right person, which I hope you have, it'll be amazing. It'll be incredible, things will get hard here and there no matter how perfect you guys are together, but you can get through it. Good luck, and congratulations.


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  • Marriage is an institution. The first few years is much like dating, the second phase is when hard compromises must be made to make it work.
    Decision to be loyal and life partners.
    On the down side disunion of marriage is like disillusion of a business. Assets and liabilities will be divided.
    Choose wisely and look at the long term. Don't see start eyed

    • Starry eyed*

    • We were in school together for only one year, but two years after, he managed to get me to like him. We had much in common. He started his YouTube channel in 2006 and him and his friend just played games on their videos until 2008 when I appeared more often, then we started a cooking segment on there. We continued like this until February when he asked.

  • Congratulations! Marriage is a lot of give and take. Compromise from everything to what color the walls will be painted to dinner to bills to religious practices to how your kid (s) will be raised should you choose to have them.

  • Aw, Congratulations :)

  • Congratulations 😁