How do I learn to love myself?

I have horrible self esteem. I don't think I'm worth much-its hard to see my valor when the important people in my life don't express it. I'm in a controlling relationship, I know I don't deserve but I don't know how to stand up for myself. I get no support from my spouse- he makes me feel like activities I want to do are stupid or pointless. I just don't how how to do something I was never taught to do! I can talk some one off a ledge but not myself. Wth?


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  • You are your biggest critic and/or obstacle. You are the one who is holding you back unfortunately. How do you stand up for yourself? You have to see the good in you and deeply and passionately fight for you. When you value yourself and appreciate the goodness in you and how much you do for your world, you will naturally fight for yourself. You must sub-consciously believe that you are worthy of love. You first need to list everything that you do. For example, you are social and caring.


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  • Definitely start counseling to find out the root of your issues. Take the advice and apply it. Start speaking your mind in a considerate way and never allow yourself to be mistreated!

    We all struggle with self-esteem, but you have to notice who in your life is on your team and who you need to let go of.