Am I wrong or is he really a dick?

I got off work at 6am and a few hours later I volunteered as a chaperone for my son's field trip and my husband stayed home with my youngest. After being awake for 18 hours and not having the best day I was able to fall asleep. 2 hours later my husband tells my 99.9% asleep self that he's going to our local convenient store. The kids were having a wrestling match on top of me which annoyingly woke me up. I asked my husband why he had to go to the store and his response was "because I wanted to". Upset because he was being vague I called him to my room and when my son told him I was calling him he said he didn't care. Upset I got up and told him to stop showing my son how to be disrespectful. He ignores me and smirks things off. I don't do that to him, just leave while he's trying to sleep or being smug about things. Am I right for being upset? (I guess I'm trying to see he point of view too)


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  • Yeah, that's incredibly insensitive and selfish, he was a dick.


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  • He just wanted to escape the hectic family scene for a minute, and didn't want to have to explain his motives in front of the family.

    So he resented your asking. I mean, why does he need to account for why he's going to a convenience store?

    There are things to get upset about, and then there are things to stay calm about!

    • Why would he leave the kids with someone who is asleep just because he needed a break from being a parent? Now if something would've happened he would've blamed me for his irresponsibility. I asked a simple question and he acted disrespectfully in front of the kids which is the issue here. I don't do that to him. When it comes down to the "parental break", according to him I'm not entitled to one. How easy for him to just up and leave? You KNOW as a woman it would Not be acceptable. His friends are always at my house and he's always catering to them putting the kids on the back burner. But yes, he deserves a break.

    • He was just gone a few minutes... you were sort of awake, actually.

  • I would be pissed off too. Tell him to grow up and stop acting like a baby (but phrased nicer). If he refuses then try getting a friend to help. You might try explaining that you are tired and you need him to take the kids to a park. If he starts degrading and saying he does not care what you think then you might try some more professional help like a church worker or counselor.

    • At this point I have expressed my self so much all I get is disrespect. He laughs me off or says what ever. I'm actually getting really tired of this. He refuses to participate in anything that might help our relationship but I'm leaning towards the thought of a divorce. Thanks for your point of view

  • Lady... He is one heck of a dick... But it's your choice if you want to leave him or not.

    • Your age surprises me! Wow... you're right. Does lady mean I'm old? Lol jk

    • Lol sorry I don't really know what to call women I don't know. So I just call them lady or ma'am. XD

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  • I don't think it was respectful of him to say to your son that he didn't care you were calling for him. I also don't see why he couldn't just tell you more specifically about why he was going to the store. I think you're right to be upset.

    His POV: he probably thinks there's no reason to ask why he is going to the store and it seemed like he got on the defensive and feels like he shouldn't have to give you a reason to do anything he wants to do.