OK well, I've known this girl for a year and she broke up with her boyfriend 2 weeks ago since then all she has done is talk to me touch me look into my eyes and to top it all off she asked for my number well... that all sounds great but whenever I call her she just doesn't answer but in school she will keep engaging in conversations I am so confused is she just trying to play hard to get? What should I do?

i forgot to say that she is always looking at me even my friends in the class said she's constantly staring at me moving her head from her paper to me


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  • In my opinion she probably isn't into u...she is probably just using you to keep her mind off her boyfriend... or to show her boyfriend that she doesn't need him and is already into another guy...but that doesn't mean you shouldnt keep trying to talk to her...cause if you keep at it she will probably start to like you


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  • This is just my opinion,okay?

    I think she really wants to get over her ex boyfriend. And yeah, she likes the way you are. And she sees herself liking or falling in love with you. Make a move, be subtle, be flirty, if she wants to get over that jerk, HELP HER DO THAT! But as to now, I think all she sees in you is a possibility.I may be wrong okay? :) Be happy and take it step by step!

    Could you answer my question? I really need help with this..


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  • Even if she doesn't pick up as long as she still shows you that she likes at you at school you have a chance, which is what's ultimately important. Maybe you can ask her about it.

    • Im to nervous to confront her about it bcause she's very popular and if she gets mad it will id feel terrible