Is it normal to not want to get married?

Like, I have real no interests in getting married. To me, it seems like a waste of money due to a lot of marriages really not working out. Not only that, but I feel that it is worth financially a lot to get married. Personally, I would love to save up that money for my future children so that they can go to college or for us as a family to go to many fun places.
I feel marriage is what you put into it, sort of like a relationship.
Is it normal to not want to get married and is it alright to just stay in a relationship with the individual you want to be with for the rest of your life?
Please be respectful and on topic. Thank you.


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  • You're 20 - your views might change as you grow older


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  • That is not normal but you are yourself! Hurray for identity! Hurray for you! :D


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  • It is a completely normal view. Plenty of people think marriage is an antiquated notion and that you can have that level of commitment without the legal aspect or the ceremony. For others it is extremely important and a symbol of their relationship and commitment. Marriage means different things for different people.