Is it possible to get a virgin girl of 25 yr age??

Specially in America. I mean in India it is most chance that you do get. But I was just wondering about America. And also is there a concept of arrange marriage still there in America?


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  • Um, I'm sure it is. Hella difficult, but possible, probably. You shouldn't worry too much about that, though. Just find a girl you love and don't worry too much about whether she's a virgin. In America, there's not as high a value placed on female virginity as in a lot of other cultures, so chances are about 98%+ of girls have lost it by age 25 whether they're married or not. I just pulled that statistic out of nowhere, but it's probably pretty close to being right. Most girls who plan on waiting for marriage get married a lot earlier than 25. But most girls get really upset when guys treat female virginity like a commodity.

    Arranged marriages: I won't say they don't happen in America, because they might, somewhere. I've never personally known someone who was in an arranged marriage that happened here. Some of my friends are first-generation American citizens whose parents were born in India, and the parents had arranged marriages. I know they have them in some weird little cults like the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints, which is NOT Mormonism, but broke off from Mormonism something like a century ago. In those little colonies, they've recently been busted for marrying off 14-year-old girls to 45-year-old men with 13 other wives.

    But other than those extreme situations, arranged marriages pretty much don't happen here at all. If you want to have an arranged marriage with a 25-year-old virgin, you're definitely best off not trying to do it in America! You won't have much luck if you try it here!

    • Hmmm. Okie. Thanks for the info. I might shift to America hence gathering some info. :D


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  • Some girls that are 25 are still virgins. It all depends of her morals. It is possible. And usually in the You. S. You don't have arranged marriages, but I guess it depends.

  • It might depend on what part of America you are in - I can only speak for the south, because that is where I live. Here, there are plenty of women who wait to have sex until they are married. That's not really the best way to start a conversation with someone though :-)

    I don't know anyone who would accept an arranged marriage


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  • why do you specifically want a virgin girl dude

    wht matters whether you love her or not ,i had the mentality of marrying a virgin girl when I was 12-13.grow up dude