What to do if she's not replying any message?

There's one girl who I am in love with since school time. She was my classmate for one year and she left school before I could do anything.After she left school I was quite depressed and I decided to converse her . I got her number from her friend & started talking to her on phone,We became good friends within few days and she was nice to me.And after few weeks I proposed her because I couldn't hold my feelings for her any longer.She just laughed and replied me "are you kidding"?And I told her everything what I feel for her.And she told me "i like you ,but I don't love you, I don't have same feelings for you " .And she told "we can be friend".We talked quite well till few months and after that she left the country,she had told me earlier that she's going to leave country soon.But still we met online sometime and had great conversation.And I again start to bother her telling " I Love you miss you so so." And she always said " stop it , its not possible now",but I didn't listened to her, I Just told her what I feel for her and what is she to me.And its been a month she didn't replied me. I sent her message several times, but she didn't replied one.What should I do?


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  • Yeah, I think you came off as some clingy freak who takes things extraordinarily out of perspective. If you tell her that you love her, even when she said she doesn't like you like that, then it just comes off strange. Put yourself in her situation.

    Anyway, best thing to do is just move on, later on maybe a couple months call her and explain your situation that you were taking things out of perspective, that you were sorry for putting her in that position, the least you can do is be friends again.

    Maybe if there is a chance, you can build things slowly with her, but if she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you.


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  • I had this experience in grade school. A guy told me that he loved me and I freaked out. I didn't even know this guy and he already said he loved me. Maybe if you were friends with this girl first and then after you knew her for a long time told her you loved her then she would have not have reacted the way she did.

    My best advice is to move on and learn from this experience. Take it as a learning axperience and really get to know a girl before you say you love her next time.


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  • *facepalm*

    Don't EVER tell a girl or guy you LOVE them, if you two aren't even dating yet! This will just make them feel uncomfortable and scare them away!