How to make a guy think that he should marry you, when you're knowing that his parents are against love marriage?

I love my bf so much and want to marry him. my parents are started talking about my marriage now a days. So thinking to ask him to come my place To ask my parents. But he belongs to very traditional kind family. where they follow all cultures n all. and I know that he's parents will never allow for love marriage. And he's also like he can't leave his parents. he have to take care of them. I want to convince him that we are made for each other and he should do something for our marriage. But how to?


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  • You need to find someone close to his parents who can see both of you and convince his parents.

    • I think I should try this

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    • If a guy doesn't want to marry me then why he was with me for 4 years. N in every day of these years he told me that he loves me. Based on these four years i can say that he also wants to be with me forever but he can't oppose his parents. He is scared of them. Or he's only making me fool? I really don't know!:-(

    • 1st of all, thank u for the MHO. I only meant to say that please make sure both are willing. Then, if he cannot take a stand against his parents, just because he is scared, u need to create a good image in front of his parents and they will gradually be on your side. Its true that in our cultures, we cannot just go renegade against our parents.


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  • He should have thought about these things (being orthodox, can't leave his parents) before getting into a relationship with you. Another mistake which people usually do - hiding their relationship from their parents. Especially in your case, I'm surprised that you hid it for four long years. No parent will like this kind of behavior from their son or daughter.

    Contact his parents, talk to them about your relationship. That should clear things out. You may hesitate a lot. But, this is your life. You got to do it if you want to save this relationship.

  • Indian spotted :D. Anyway my advise would be to leave the guy. This situation can turn out to be difficult for you in future where even if his parents will accept you they still won't like you. Why waste time, when you can find another who will truly love you for who you are and will not be swayed by what society dictates for him to do.

    • Lol it always happens in india.
      But can't live without him that's d problem:-(

  • Against love marriage? WTF? Why ELSE would you get married?

  • If he does not wanna marry you
    I'd suggest you better move on


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  • Get pregnant!! :P
    No if the guy isn't sure if he wants to marry you... there you have it. If you're gonna get married you both need to be a 100% sure you want it.