Is it possible that your soul mate is someone that's married?

I connect and vibe so well with someone that has been married for 7 years. No, we are not in a relationship, we are not having an affair. We are just friends, nothing sexual or romantic has ever happened between us.
The other day when we were together, he wanted to kiss me but I just turned away.

I am not acting on my feelings about it, yet am sometimes wishing that he was single. I feel like maybe I should have been the one he was supposed to be with. I don't know. I am not terribly in love with the man, but I do often wonder what it would be like to have a relationship with him. Again, I'm not acting on my feelings.

What do you think? Have you ever felt this way?


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  • No. I don't believe in soulmates. And why would you even want to be with a guy like that? He's obviously a cheater, and nothing would prevent him from cheating on you too. You're glorifying him in your head, when in reality he's a scumbag who's willing to cheat on the person he's supposed to commit to his entire life. That says a lot about his shitty character.
    Has it been a long time since you last were interested in someone? Does it happen to you rarely? Do you know any other men you could be interested in you? If the answers are yes, yes and no, then it's obvious that you're just feeling lonely.

    • Do you know any other men you could be interested in, and who could be interested in you*?


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What Guys Said 3

  • Nope... never.. girls are mostly the one who screw around a married guy... we guys don't have married Female friends... mostly

    And by the way he is willing to cheat in his wife by kissing you... Don't let him do that..
    You will get in trouble if anything goes wrong between then and you will be the bad person

  • Yes it is possible he could be your soulmate. Don't let self-righteous opinions cloud your judgment.

  • I know that feeling but there are plenty of fish i. The sea and find someone and they can be your soul mate. I believe you choose your soul mate and as you date you find out and your soul connects when you have sex


What Girls Said 2

  • nope i've never felt this way because i normally stay away from married/taken guys...

  • I don't believe that each and every person has ONE soulmate out there. Imagine if that was the case. All these people that die relatively young, their soulmates would be wandering this planet for all of their lives looking for someone who isn't even alive anymore.

    I do believe that you can feel a connection to someone who is already taken, but I also believe that you should then distance yourself from that person and look for someone else you can have that connection with. You yourself say that you aren't terribly in love with this man. I think it's time for you to distance yourself from this guy for a while, especially considering that he already tried to kiss you. He is married, there is someone who could get hurt a lot by this. Don't be involved in something like that.