Interracial family- insecure about boyfriends family accepting our kids?

My boyfriend and I have talked about having kids. I am mixed race with Spanish, black and portuguese heritage and he's Canadian and native. His family is caucasian and I'm nervous that it might be harder for our kids to be accepted into the family? I don't care what they do because I love him very much but id like to hear other peoples thoughts on this or if they have any personal experiences with family?


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  • While I feel like it might be harder for your boyfriend's family to accept your children, in the event that they do not accept them into the family I believe that they will in time. It is hard to change a person's mindset, especially if they have had that specific mindset for years but I believe that if they do not accept your children (which i'm pretty sure that they won't) in time they will get to love them.
    In the direction that our current society is going in, I believe that mixing races is becoming less of a problem. More and more people are dating outside of there racial groups which is a good thing! I believe that it is only the older people who have a problem with it but like I said earlier, in time they will come to terms with it. All that matters is that you love your children as much as possible and that you try and give them the best life possible :)


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  • Interracial Kids? Best thing ever :P


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  • Honey, if they have problems with your kids, they don't deserve to be in your lives.

  • Honestly, once you're mixed with so much as you are, no one really gives a sh*t :/ Sorry to be blunt, but it's true. This is an advantage and a disadvantage because you will get to avoid a lot of racism however, people won't really give a sh*t about honoring your heritage or being culturally sensitive for you because they're most likely to forget that you even have ____ in you.