Why girls are not in to marrying? Instead wants a hanging relationship. And what does a girl really look for a person to be her husband?

I don't really understand why most of the girls are not in to marrying spending life and having kids with there life partners i just really understand.
what women really wants in there husband?


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  • I wouldn't say that women don't want to get married. Some do, some don't. Just as some men want to get married, and some don't. The reasons people have for not wanting to marry vary from person to person. And of course, people can change their mind about wanting to get married or not wanting to get married.

    What women really want in a husband is also going to vary from woman to woman.

    Personally, I want to marry someone who is compatible with me; who has similar values, interests, life goals, and whose company I enjoy. I want someone to share in all life has to offer, from responsibilities, to joys and successes, to comforting and supporting each other through difficult times. I prefer being with someone who takes an egalitarian approach to relationships (i. e. I'm not really interested in a relationship with strict gender roles). I want to be with someone who is caring, empathetic, good at communicating, and who sees me as an equal partner.


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  • because marriage is something permanent, and we as women also sometimes afraid of the idea of the life commitment, for us it is a really big deal as it is the time that totally change our life - we will devoted to our husband, raising children and of course, leave our "wild and crazy-fun-with-friends" life. We want it to be perfect, and it's not easy to really accepting a man in life, if he's not the right one.

    We will always doubt and reconsidered him, until our heart is saying that he is the one. We do want to get marry, but first, just let us be free and enjoy our life before we're ready to settled down... for the rest of our life. ;)

  • Because I don't want to have babies and I don't see the point in getting married. Nothing to do with the guy I'm with.

    • But why don't u want that cuty baby with ur face and eyes and thanking GOD that u r a mother? dont want some to be there all the time when u look back? It's weird to me or maybe i am old fashioned

    • If I wanted to see my face and eyes I'd look in the mirror. I quite like my life, I don't want to start a new one with a dependent child. I don't want to be a mother.

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  • I can see why some women are not into marrying. To some, it signifies a special bond between a man and a woman, to others it might be a religious reason. Also, with all the statistics about divorces being on the rise and such this might be another reason why some may not opt out of marriage. Also, it is perfectly fine to not be want to be married as well because being married really isn't essential. It is more of a symbol and if they are fine without going through the marriage process then that is their choice. Also, not too much is gained from marriage. Aside from the personal feelings attached to marriage, it just lets the government recognize you two as being officially together.

    Aside from the reasons that I stated above, it might also be because people are taking marriage less seriously now-a-days. Some hold it to high regard while others just see it as just some even that occurs in everyone's life. All-in-all, what I want to get through is the fact everyone has a different view of marriage and it should be respected