My recently married friend's wife did'nt have a single quality in her that he and his parents looked for?

He is from a traditional family n society n have been going though disrespest in the society after her past came front... She used to drink, hang out with difrent boys n had physical relationships before marraige which is not accepted in the society... she used to behave so polite n show herself as a girl of good character n thier parents even did'nt know about her deeds... shameless... what should be done against her now n if she be forgiven wil it stil b a risk for future?


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  • Nothing. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Stop trying to honour kill every woman you think is the slightest bit disgraceful.

    • Ok... then the world wil b ruled by criminals as there wil be nothing to fear... not asking to kil.. but any step to taken?

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    • Hah... u say dat I should not help my frend who is suffering n seeking help from me? wow u dont even understand abuot frendship... is Modern n Western societies like urs.. selfish type?

    • It's his marriage. He should be the one sorting things out, not you. And furthermore, he can divorce her if he wants. His decision and her "punishment" are not yours to make. I get the setting women on fire for not being what the husband led to believe is common and acceptable where you come from, but that doesn't make it right.


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  • so are you mad that she got married anyway? you sound angry.

  • Look at the bright side, she has some experience and maybe she can blow that dudes mind in bed.

  • What difference does it make if she had a physical relationships before she was married most people do now days so what this is not ancient times where u kill people for something like that or shame them people fuck its life

    • If people someone for any reason... then he/or she is the bigger criminal... oo not talking about killing.. but divorce can b done or councelling

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    • But what I'm saying is why is this a big deal most people are not virgins when they get married and honestly I wouldn't want a man who didn't know where to put it or how to work it so why would he want a woman who wouldn't know how to ride him just saying

    • In some other societies thier may be no virgins... but there are many still who value culture which keeps us binding.. so ok no problem if she would have been in good relationships... but drinking, casual s.. n are signs of irresponsibleness... how difficult wil b for her to be responsible in a relationship n adopt to da situations in thier society... she wil also hav to suffer to cope up

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  • It is not your place to judge her. Your friend chose her and apparently has found that she is now a wonderful person, regardless of her past. If you choose to disrespect his decision, then you are not a good friend to him. Unless you can change your attitude about her, you should stay away from them because you are just going to cause them problems.

    • No frend.. u didn't read my wuestions... I said they are suffering.. if my frend would not hav had any problem.. how would I hav known about it? he shared his sorrows and asked for help so I cme to know

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    • Yes it came out so Because they were the first to know.. try to understand da situation... if have frends n they come n share... fthey wil share with frends only na... n once spread others wil also know... try to imazone.. intead of searching faults in my question.. thnks

    • N yes he n his parents are worried which worried me also... as i know them to b respected citizens n what they might be undergoing after this discovery