Should I go wedding dress shopping with my fiancee tommorow?

okay so my mom and my sister are taking my fiancee to look at wedding dresses tommorow and my fiancee wants me to come along however i have my doubts because aren't i not supposed to see the dress and let it be a surprise. she wants me to see the dress before hand but i dont think thats a good idea because i dont want to see it and i want it to be a surprise however she wants me to like the dress and have a say in it what do you think


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  • i wouldn't want you to see the dress beforehand... maybe she just doesn't want to be alone with your mom and sister. she really should bring her own family and friends too.

    • oh no my mom and sister both love her and she her family is not involved in our wedding

    • oh ok. well, you should insist on being surprised. be romantic. tell her you want to be floored when you see her for the first time in that dress.


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  • Tell her that you don't want to see it. I'm sure you'll like whatever she picks so please reassure her of that. I didn't want my husband to see my dress AT ALL until I walked down the aisle.

    • oh but the problem is she wants me to like the dress and she is really worried i won't like the dress

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  • If you believe in tradition the man should not see his fiance in the dress before the wedding.

  • it's up to u bro... u are an adult :)

    it'd b nice if u go... but still it's optional :)