Is there a chance still to save my marriage?

My wife and I broke up three weeks ago. We had 2 children together and I raised her first born. We have been together for almost 7 years and we've had are ups and downs. She had cheated on me the first couple of years we where together.

Then we got back together then threes later she broke up with me and she's living with this disgusting old man and the only thing I could see is he has money.

When I talk about us now she doesn't want to talk about it and I've spilled my guts out to her. She seems to be really angry all the time. Do I just give her space and see if we work it out. She doesn't say no or yes about it and says she's has compassion for me still. I still love her and will doing anything to get marriage back.


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  • Are you kidding me. Dude. Get a hold of yourself and be a man. Why would you want to save a marriage with someone after all that. There are millions of other women out there. If this lady has continued to cheat on you, then that is never going to stop. What you need to do my friend is grow some balls, divorce this chick and start fresh and be your own man. Life is too f***ing short for you to waste it on someone who isn't going to treat you right. You may want to get a DNA test on kid #2 to see if its yours. Besides if your staying with an unfaithful wife, then there's stuff like HIV to worry about as well. So seriously man, get out of that relationship and start something new. Otherwise your just waiting to die. Think of the shawshank redemption here. Either get busy living or get busy dying. Keep the faith and do what's right. I'm sure there's a girl out there for you. Someone you don't have to share with a creepy old man or god knows who else. Good luck and stay strong -j


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  • Well money gets people to do stupid things. Well just think now you know what's most important to her and be glad it didn't go any further. Get the hell away from her dude when will break you down and f*** up your life. Pleas just go man. Go to self help section in a book store and get this tape its called reinventing your self. Its awesome. Every time I get a broke heart or something traumatic happens in my life I listen to that and my life takes new direction. Good?

  • I would say give her some more time before pursuing things any further.