Three main points in this topic "Living together before marriage" talking about the good side though, help?

I need your help guys! Thank you so much! :)


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  • Well you need to get to know them before you marry them and if you can live together!! And peoples true colors come out


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  • Statistically, people who co-habitate before marriage have both higher rates of infidelity and higher rates of divorce.

    • This is not true
      "My new research, forthcoming in April in the Journal of Marriage and Family, suggests studies have consistently overstated the risk of premarital cohabitation, and continue to do so even for marriages formed since the mid-1990s. This is because they have been comparing couples by their age at marriage rather than by their age when they moved in together. On average, cohabitors move in together and start trying to “act married” at a younger age than couples who marry directly. My study finds that when couples are compared by the age at which they move in together and start taking on the roles associated with marriage, there is no difference in divorce rates between couples that lived together before marriage and those that didn’t.

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    • The most successful and longest marriages were overwhelmingly ones that started very young, often 18 or 19 years old!

    • Like my grandparents, who were married at 18, and for 58 years, (only because she passed away early)

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  • The good side is that you get to tease each other lol wothout actually having sex. Haha, but no at least you can see what living with him is like before making it permanent