Can't stop thinking about him only problem here is?

we both married and I'm not a cheater never was... but i wake up every day and think about him almost all day fr more than a year it been going on and he has no clue... he asked me to hang out like once (friends) and my man trusted me and we just talked as friends... We stare at each other everyday at work and its sooooo awkward but I just haven't lost the feelings and I don't know what he's going through but I know I'm hurtting over this... should I just text him and see if I can get it off my chest so maybe it will go away... or do I keep this hurt inside forever because it seems strronger everyday


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  • If you don't confront this it'll eat you up forever. Quite possibly you know that you are both in love with one another hence you wanting to reveal you emotions for him. If you can live without your husband and undeniably want to be with this other man you need to tell your husband. There's no reason you should be unhappy. If the other man makes your heart sign be free and love him and him alone😊😊😊

    • Well I don't have a choice... the other guy is married and he would never like me... plus I;m married and I can't live without my husband and don't want this other guy... I just want the feelings to stop... do you think the other guy has feelings for me cause all we do is look at each other and never talk... I don't want to end my marriage I just want this to GO AWAY but like you said it's eating me up bad and I'm hurting and I feel like the only way out is to discuss it with the other guy so I get closure but I don't know if that's a bad idea cause he might not like me at all

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    • Oops I**think that it'll make the feeling stronger****

    • I probably won't say anything but hi how are you... I'll probably let it eat me up forever, but thank you much for helping me


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  • You are a cheater. You can't pursue a relationship with a man who isn't your husband and say you aren't.
    Go here and read. Perhaps you can fix some of your marriage.

    • I never said I could and don't want to nor was I going to pursue anything... are you sure you read the correct question?

    • I read it and I have lived it. Your not distancing yourself from this other man is in itself cheating. Just because you haven't had sex, doesn't make it any less cheating. You are getting involved. What you wrote makes that obvious. You should change jobs, first of all. If you don't you should make it clear in no uncertain terms that there is nothing between you two and you should never interact with him again.

  • Perhaps you aren't mature enough to handle a marriage

    • well i try

    • It's up to you to decide what's more important. Is it yout marriage, or is it chasing after some other married guy knowing you'll ruin two marriages in the process and crush innocent hearts. If it's your marriage, you have to talk to your husband and sort things out. There has to be a problem if you're sleeping next to one guy but thinking about another.

    • I know... I don't want to break anyone's heart at all and I don;t want to ruin ANY marriages... that's totally NOT my intentions ok... I just want closure where I talk it out to feel better so I don't wake up everyday and go craze thinking about him all day everyday... I feel like if I don't just confess that it's going to eat me up forever...

  • They say if you've lusted after another then you've already cheated.

    • then I did not by my own will... and I will NEVER by choice!!!

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  • It's only your psychological feeling. Just keep telling yourself it's no big deal and it'd be a no big deal. Because if you did try to meet him up, what if the feelings got even stronger?

    • I'm trying but it not helping and it been going on way to long... I really don't think it would get stronger, I think I would get closure and get it off my chest and actually feel better about all of it but I'm way to scared to even say hi to him

    • I think you should spend more time with your hubby. This feeling is just a random distraction just don't let it go on to your head like this!

  • Like they say, " The grass is never greener on the other side"

    Instead of talking to this guy about how you feel, why don't you try to talk to your husband and work on your marriage.

    • I can't cause he would leave me... he would say well if you like him you don't need to be with me and he would really leave me and I can't hurt my husband and won't. I just want this all to disappear.

    • No i didn't mean to tell your husband how you feel about this other guy. I meant to work out what's going wrong in your marriage to try to save it! :-)