Why do people judge you just because you don't wanna get married??

I mean sure marriage is great and stuff but I'm not into it I'd rather just date some1 not feel like they own me and all my friends have to ale a big thing about it

Would I like to get married? Maybe but not my thing now so they think I'm a freak !

Wat about you would you like to get married?


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  • you're young, it's understandable you have no desire to get married yet. you'll probably change your mind as you get older. there's nothing weird about you

    • Yep but all the girls want because they have this idea that there are guys in real life like guys in movies and Imjust not into that I only hove like 6 friends that are girls and they think I'm a freak because I don't want to but it's not myfult my parents split up just only in October and I never talk about it because they don't care and I'm always put in the middle of everything and well I just feel like no one loved so I just don't want to and they have to go and make it something


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  • You're 16.. you shouldn't even entertain the idea of getting married right now.


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  • When I was in high school, I said I didn't want to get married either, and my friends thought it was weird. Now, I don't have a certain view of marriage, whatever happens happens, and my friends' opinions have changed too.

    You and your friends are young, there's a good chance you'll all feel differently in the future.