What's next for Marriage Laws? Inc3st?

It seems with LGBT being legal , next would probably be incest.
not that I have anything against LGBT peeps
But My mind which has no reason or logic to Oppose Marriage within the family (then again nothing in life makes sense) , feels the need to oppose it !

I mean cmon Gay peeps are amazing , they are colourful people. I love them , Let them have fun and be happy.

but Cmon where are we gonna stop with the whole marriage equality thing... (again , totally in modern reasoning there is no reason to oppose it , yet I feel the need to)

Hey Mom , I love you. But no incesto !

(if you don't get the joke , remeber how a couple of years ago people use to say , Hey man I love you! but , no Homo . Which I never said by the way..)


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  • The next logical step is marrying inanimate objects.

    • That's obviously gonna happen ! can't wait to see my grandkids fuck a robot ! haha

    • lol thanks for MH!


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  • I don't think that incest will necessarily come next. I know that here in the UK, cousins being together is perfectly legal. But the difference between same sex relationships and incestuous relationships is that same-sex relationships don't hurt any children produced, whereas incest can have harmful effects on any children that result from it.

    • well there will be a way to remove or even reduce the offspring's defects , in the future. SO it some one could have a kid with their parents or brother/sister !

      whether people like me oppose it or not. lol

  • It's weird that you want no one else but your sister, but I think it's ok, if you agree to get sterilized, because of the risks of birth defects.

    Take the results of a study of Czechoslovakian children whose fathers were first degree relatives. Fewer than half of the children who were the product of incestuous unions were completely healthy. Forty-two percent of them were born with severe birth defects or suffered early death and another 11 percent were mildly mentally impaired. This study is particularly instructive as it included a unique control group — the offspring of the same mothers but whose fathers were not the mothers’ relatives. When the same women were impregnated by a non-relative, only 7 percent of their children were born with a birth defect (Figure 1).

  • i guess it's fine. What two grown ass people do is their own business.
    I guess the only reason I'm concerned is because I'm afraid that it could have happened when you were a child (like uncle and niece) and then I'm really concerned.
    But they said inset would happen when interracial marriage was made legal so people just use that as an excuse all the time

    • yeah , but with no reason I still oppose it ! haha.

      interracial and LGBT marriage was opposed. but the future generation was okay with it. so it didn't matter. I mean Do I oppose LGBT marriage? NO. But my parents would oppose to LGBT in a heart beat.

      Just a matter of the next generation accepting things...

  • How in the world is that the next logical step?

  • Who knows? There will likely be someone out there who uses the ruling on gay marriage to make the argument for some other form of marriage. I could see a challenge to laws on incest or polygamy.

    • Well I for one living in asia (which moves quite slow compared to the west, in terms of SOME moder views) might not see it for a while

  • Yup next in line incest then paedophiles and won't be long before marrying your goat would become legal. Like "come on me and my goat love each other stop being such goatophopic"

    • HAHAHA yeah..
      Pedophile thing I'm not sure tho, What reasoning can people use hahaha.

      " the child is interested about sex at a young age , so it is wise to teach her by letting her stroke my penis , which is quite experienced in Sexual activities.."

  • I think the next thing for marriage laws is bestiality.
    I just have a feeling, some poor soul out there really wants to marry his or her pet :P JK!

    • well that might not be for another 100 years or so , I mean we have to get the animals consent first. OR IT WILL UPSET THE VEGANS !

      but of course If I discover immortality and live that long imma kill all them animal fi@!$% !

    • by the way its happening in either india or africa ! people can actually marry animals !

  • OMMMMMFGGGGG, gay marriage in no way compares to incest! Stop it! -slaps sense into you-

    • Didn't say its the same the OMMMMFGGGGG haha
      I said what is the next? as in what will be legalized next , cause at the end of the day its two adults who are having fun right? XD

    • ahh I dont wanna think about incest xD ew. I tend to be quite dramatic with my typing. Also wow sorry, I didn't realize this was from two weeks ago

  • That's kind of a big leap.


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  • Incest is actually interesting in the sense that it's BAD FOR THE GENE POOL.

    Increased health risks and stuff. It's just as bad as not vaccinating your kids.

    Speaking of which, not vaccinating your kids should be illegal for quite a few diseases, mostly those that are airborne.

    • Ahh I thought of that too , BUT what if someone finds away to AVOID that? some sort of gene altering while in the womb...

      also , what if some of the couples avoid having kids..

  • Pfft, I mean, I support LGBT people and stuff, I have nothing against them, But gay marriage is just fucking stupid.

    Im not religious myself, But, It dosen't take a fucking genius to see that marriage is a very religious thing, And pretty much all religions are homophobic, so... its just fucking stupid...

    I mean, Should churches be made to accept gay marriage like they have? No... its stupid... A Legal State Registered couple is more then enough, Besides, If you were gay/les why would you even want to get married under the eyes of a homphobic religion? xD

    • well for one I never hated gays , I honestly like them. Like I said , they are colorful people. They should be happy

      but like I also said (for no reason.. lol) I do not support Incest...

    • Is this what they wanted, marriage in a church? I thought they only wanted the state to let them have a marriage license.

  • You know, I really fear for our species because it is readily apparent that current young generation is filled with know-it-all idiots. Thank God I didn't have kids in this generation because I likely would have felt compelled to kill them for the betterment of humanity.

    • I'm not sure I understand what you said 100% but by modern reasoning , which is true for the most part nothing is wrong , nothing is right... (subjective morality , moral relativism)

      but of course there must be some rules that should never be changed...

    • There's no such thing as "modern reasoning". Logic is the same throughout all time and space. What is fucked up is the ASSUMPTIONS about marriage that traditionalists think are absolute definitions. Their assumptions are incorrect, thus their logic is faulty. That's how it works. From a governmental perspective, a marriage is government recognized social contract between two persons which has added benefits and responsibilities. What the courts ruled is that they could see no basis for two people of the same sex not being allowed to have it also. They saw no basis for governmental discrimination to prevent it and they saw that the only basis for that discrimination was rooted in religion. Thus, that discrimination is illegal because it is violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. So marriage is between two people. That's it. Government does have legitimate reason to not expand that definition. It's just that simple.

  • You can marry an anime girl somewhere. Incest has a problem with inbreeding. It incurs high costs to the society in the long term. Infectious diseases, stupid children, weaken immune systems to name a few. Would be okay if people adopt children instead.

  • I think either polygamy, pedophilia or incest.
    In Holland Pedophiles have their own party and stuff.

    But yeah it's only a matter of time.

  • Incest produces flawed offspring with genetic defects, that's why incest is not allowed. Obviously the same isn't true for homosexuality.

    Homosexuality and incest are not comparable, stop comparing them.

    • I didn't compare them I said that incest could and will be legalized , I forgot to mention that
      1) Not everyone wants kids
      2) we will quite surely find a way to avoid the defects , within a couple of years

    • Incest will be legalized? Do you have a source?

  • if anything next would be polygamy, I doubt incest will ever be ok

    • well due to tax and some other issues , I don't think polygamy will work. Im not much aware of the US laws , but as I;ve read on many sites , it won't work for a while... Incest would be easier I guess.

      I mean once the next 2 or 3 future generations become okay with it , it will be a common thing to do it with ur dad ! hahaha

  • Bigots never seem to understand that the issue wasn't about an ever widening and broadening of the marriage laws. It was about eliminating the bigotry YOU represent.

    So no, incest won't be next. There is no next. We got rid of your bigotry, and we are happy about that. But there's no next. And when your generation hurries up and dies, the planet will be all the better for it.