My exes end up actually being with the girl after me.

why does it seem every guy I've dated, things don't work out, so we become friends. which I don't mind, but then end up actually being with the girl after me. one is getting married in 3 weeks, one got a his girl pregnant and the latest one is engaged!


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  • It's called aging - more people are settling down ;-)

    It has nothing to do with you as an individual.

    Best regards,



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  • This has happened to me on three occasions, after not wanting to pursue things with me, those ex-g/fs found guys they ended up being with long-term - go figure. I seem to shoot Cupid's arrow in every direction but my own, haha.

  • This happens to guys usually, maybe you ned to be more femenine in your appearance and mannerisms.


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  • This used to happen to my ex.

    After him; his exs would settle down with their next boyfriend.

    I would joke about it; but it happened with me too.

    After I broke up with him I settled with my next bf; to whom I've been engaged for the pas 3 years.


    Yeah I have thought about what he used to say, and frankly I think because my ex was very charming and all a girl wants; but used to cheat, selfish, in love with himself. So technically not the "right" kind of guy a girl would marry. They'd love to date him, be in love with him but not marry him. So after knowing him, the other guy who these girls including me met later, was better in another way.

    Anyways, I don't think this might be your case anyhow,

    just thought to share.

    Take care,

  • Lol, this is just like Good Luck Chuck