Opinions on marriage?

How long should a couple be together before they get engaged? What is longest time you would wait before calling it quits due to a lack of proposal?


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  • Emotionally, I love the idea of marriage and life long love and hope I get to experience both one day.

    Rationally, I think marriage is something that many people do when they probably shouldn't. It has been seen as the norm and not getting married was seen as failure. Hopefully, in the future people will think more about marriage before doing it.

    "How long should a couple be together before they get engaged?"

    Up to them but personally, I think that I'd like to be together for 2 years or more and living together for at least 9-12 months. Obviously if I was actually in love with someone and was in a relationships with her, I'd probably be too madly in love to remember those timelines and would either put it off forever or do it too fast. :P
    Really it's too personal to have exact timelines in my opinion.

    "What is longest time you would wait before calling it quits due to a lack of proposal?"

    I think that you should never break up simply due to a lack of a proposal (at least not without discussing it first). If the woman (I assume you're asking 'how long should a woman wait?') wants to get married and there is no proposal coming, simply discuss it with the man and see where you both are. If there is a solid reason for him not doing it, try and resolve it. If he refuses to propose or keeps breaking commitments he's made to you then thinking about breaking up is natural due to you both having different life goals. If he is vague or dishonest about his feelings, then again, thinking about breaking up may be natural.


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  • Well I have been with my one and only boyfriend since the age of 13 .. We started living together when I was 17 .. We became engaged on my 21st birthday.. And we got married last Sept. when I was 24 years and 4mths old.

    • We've been together for four years and I'm getting really impatient..

    • @Asker.. There is of course the other option you know.. YOU ASK HIM :)


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  • Depends on their decision if they want quick marriage or if they want to date a while (to get know each other better ) but i think the perfect is at least 1 year.

  • I think if propose after 7 or so months maybe even 6😂

  • Marriage is silly and unnecessary (why would you need a piece of paper to confirm that you love eachother? don't you already know?)

    Anyway, 6 years or so seems reasonable.


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  • at least a year, in my opinion