What should I do?

I've known my boyfriend for 10 years now. Last night he was drunk and said that he wasn't sure how I would take this and said he wanted to make me his wife. This morning I didn't really mention it but instead asked him what he remembered from last night. And nothing. He remembered nothing. Should I bring it up or leave it alone?


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  • Leave it alone. You don't want to overthink a drunk guy's words.

    • I hope that is not all it was, I love him very much.

    • I'm not saying he might not feel that way. I'm saying don't bring it up.
      If you bring it up, you'll be pressuring him to consider a proposal and I doubt you want to to have a forced proposal.

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  • He was drunk.

    If you really want to bring it up , do so in a laughing manner and see what he says.


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  • Just leave it alone, you don't want to make him over think it or embarassed, to be honest it's sweet don't you think? However wait for him to maybe bring it up, or if you guys are a very silly/joking couple you can bring it up x

    • We are for the most part silly, I was just so excited when he said it. I wish he would just remember or build the courage to ask me again!

  • leave it alone.