Why do men still get married these days?

I know they're still hopeful for the happily ever after wife and children thing, but the more likely things to happen are:

A- You divorce after a year (maybe a month) and she rips you off for every cent and piece of furniture you worked hard for as well as makes you pay her alimony (or off to prison you go)

B- You do get a long marriage, and you do get children. Hurray! It worked! But then some 10 or 20 years later, you're like "Hey wait a sec, why don't any of these kids look like me?" So off you go to the DNA test lab to get the news they're not your actual kids, and your loving wife has been duping you into raising the kids of a secret lover she had on the side.

But can you get a happily ever after family? Sure, but it's not as likely as those two scenarios above.

Just a sidenote: I don't like any of those childish "red pill" movie references. And I absolutely dislike Asian women, cause while white women can be bad at least they won't cut your dick off :)


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  • Why do women still get married? He'll probably get tired of her and end up cheating.

    • Yeah that too

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    • Asker, you are a prick if you think that's true. Is that the only reason a man marries a woman, to fuck her? You're pathetic.

    • It really is.

      You humor her a bit, when she says "I love you" say "I love you back", whatever emotional crap goes on in their heads I dont care, as long as her legs stay open.


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  • I think you're pretty safe buddy - who the fuck would want to marry you?

  • the only cases of dick severing i've ever heard of involved latin women and caucasian men.

    that aside, you really have to try to get to know the person before you marry them.

    • It happens on daily basis in Asia. Google is your friend.

  • I don't know what you are talking about. :p

    I have seen many happy married couples.

  • I think you're generalizing marriage based off you're own observations or experiences. I'm married for 3 years, and not once have i cheated or plan to ever, as i have been cheated on and he has he so we know how that feels and will not do it to the person we love.
    And i have seen women take a man's assets when they divorce and think that it should be 50/50.

  • Or u are married to the same person for 50 some odd years have a good marriage have four children that belong to your husband your a wife who's husband is in the air force so u have to move a lot but u stand by him always and u only leave him when God calls u home because u had a terminal illness

    • That would be great, but it rarely ever happens these days.

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    • This happened in the real world it was my grandparents and my grandmother died of cancer and even after she died he would not move on with someone else he refused to so he waited his eight years alone until God called him he still loved her that much and she wasn't here

    • I never said it was impossible, just that it's unlikely.

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  • I take it you've been divorced or cheated?

  • I hate to tell you but more white women chop their husbands dicks off than Asian women. In fact nearly every single case but one I heard about where that happened the bitch was white. Asian women are just plain better than white women, sure there might be one in a million exceptional white women who are wonderful, but for every one of those there are like a billion 9/10 hot Asian women that would marry you and not divorce you or cheat on you. I grew up around trashy white women and have been overseas, so I know what I'm talking about. I've seen divorces, cheating, abuse, "mail order brides", everything.

    • "I hate to tell you but more white women chop their husbands dicks off than Asian women. In fact nearly every single case but one I heard about where that happened the bitch was white.."

      Not sure if serious or sarcastic...

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    • You still have not shown me a single recorded case of a white woman cutting off her husband's penis.
      You see, white women may "laugh" at penises getting cut off, but they are in fact too compassionate and intelligent to do such a thing themselves.

      Asian women on the other hand are as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside. They are simply sadistic chimps who have yet to evolve the higher human emotions such empathy and pity.
      I can shown you a MILLION cases of Asian women doing it. Can you show me a single one of a white woman?

    • www.mysanantonio.com/.../...-trying-to-6096386.php

      Oh right she didn't succeed either. Still tried though, and he still had to get stitches on the base of his penis. Not to mention other injuries. Honestly I don't know why I am digging these links up to try and prove your racist assumptions wrong. Out of all these cases I've found so far only one of them was even an Asian woman.

  • ok whaaaaaa. dude I think u gotta let some stuff go

  • Thanks for the MGTOW perspective.

  • I'm sorry to hear of your bad experiences. It happening to you though doesn't mean it's also going to happen to everyone else. Being bitter helps no-one.

    • Lol it didn't happen to me

    • I love you too.