What would you married women do if when you were doing your husband's laundry and saw that one of his underwear's had poop stains on it?

  • I'd not tell him about it its no big deal
    78% (14)57% (4)72% (18)Vote
  • I'd confront him about it right away and be upset at him
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  • I'd work my way up and try to hint at him and try to get him to confess himself I. e. tell him a story about how you knew this one guy who pooped his pants
    17% (3)0% (0)12% (3)Vote
  • I'd confront him and divorce him
    0% (0)43% (3)12% (3)Vote
  • I'd just want us to be separated
    5% (1)0% (0)4% (1)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Wouldn't say anything. Shit happens =P

    • Would you use it against him if one day he tried to embarrass you?

    • He wouldn't do something like that but even if he did, no because that's really immature.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's happened to the best of us. I personally would just wash and forget, it's no big deal.
    I was once in a hike and only brought spam and other salty foods (genius!) but the sodium messed with my gut. I felt bad, but thought I could just keep going. As we were about to leave for our hike back to the cars I let out a fart, and it all went to hell. I hat shit myself because my guts were turning to liquid from too much sodium. I ran into the woods, relived myself, and cleaned up a bit. I had to rid myself of the now ruined underwear so I dug a hole, dropped them in, and tossed a rock over it. Legend has it those shorty boxers are still there to this day


What Girls Said 2

  • I'd confront him about it and laugh. xD
    I know I'm gross, but sharts are funny. Shut up. xD

  • wouldn't say anything really lol just throw it in the washer and assume it was just a bad fart :P

    if it happens on regular basis though something could be wrong in which case i vote C and try to cinvince him to see aDR


What Guys Said 2

  • Happens to everyone on occasion. If she picked D or E she'd go through a lot of marriages.

  • I heard a story about a couple camping together and this woman found skidmarks in her husbands underpants, this was camping so she washed them manually and said nothing.. only to discover that the laundry got mixed up and she'd washed someone else's shitty pants! lol

    • LMAO great story bro that's legendary right there.

    • When I heard it I was like DAYUM! lol