Marrying your best friend?

I hear all of the time that you should marry your best friend. Those of you that are married... what is your opinion on this?
I'm not planning on any weddings lol just whenever i speak of my best friend and i people always ask why I'm with my boyfriend and not him


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  • Well I guess I could, theoretically, now that marriage between men is allowed. But I'm straight and he is already married to a woman.

    • Lol if your best friend were a woman. Mine is a man

    • OK. Because I wouldn't want to marry him anyway, even if one of us was a woman.

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  • There was a married couple at my church who married their best friends because they made a pact at 20 that if they were both single at 30 they would marry each other. Then by the age of 30 - neither of them had found their partner so they married each other. I asked him if he was in love with his wife and he said he loved her as a best friend.


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  • I honestly would, she'd be my first choice, but I doubt she would ever feel the same 😕


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  • It's always a good thing to consider your spouse your "best friend". And so they should be. But if they're not and you still have close friends you consider best friends that's fine and quite normal.

    Usually (I know, not always) men call their wives their best friend, whereas a woman will still call a female friend her best friend.

    In my case, my husband became my best friend over time, and so did I to him. At first we were friends and both attracted to each other, but we weren't quite at the "best friend" mark. We were a couple and still close, but both admittedly knew we had a lot to learn about each other.

    Any best friend situation is usually because you love each other unconditionally - even if it's same sex/platonic type friendships. If you meet someone and find you are best friends, no one else in the world can touch your closeness and you feel that sort of unconditional love, then of course it would be great to spend your life with them, but you have to consider the attraction and chemistry too. If you have that, then of course, I think that makes a great combination for marriage. :)

  • My fiance is my best friend. :D I think the point is that if u can't get along with someone well enough to consider them your best friend, why the hell are u marrying them? Marriage takes a lot. I was married ten years and it's exhausting. There are going to be days u want so badly to walk away, no matter what... But if the relationship is built on solid foundations of love trust loyalty and honest, then it can make it through anything... Just like a true friendship.

  • This one guy said , "we are better off as best friends."

    They divorced.

    Anyway, it works out for some.

    As long as you don't see him as a brother, it should be fine. (And you are both on the same page.)